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“With her latest novel, Jane Doucet brings us a whip-smart, sweet (and salty) tale of love, loss, and starting over. Brimming with heart, humour, and hope, Lost & Found in Lunenburg is charm defined and a pure delight from beginning to end.”

Bobbi French, author of The Good Women of Safe Harbour

“Every time I open a Jane Doucet novel, I know I am going to find a world full of characters who feel like friends, and Lost & Found in Lunenburg is no exception. But while this novel has the cheekiness, wit, and heart you expect from Doucet, it is also a startlingly poignant meditation on grief and resilience. Above all, Doucet writes with a joyfulness that you can’t help but get swept up in.”

Amy Jones, Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour finalist and author of Pebble & Dove

Praise for Lost & Found in Lunenburg

"Settle into a comfy chair, locate your glasses (they are on your head), and dive into Jane Doucet’s wonderful new novel! Her characters, written with warmth, wit, and courage, are so real, you will expect to bump into them the next time you visit Lunenburg. There is a fearlessness about Jane’s writing that leaves you hoping that she will keep ’em coming! Brava, Jane!”

Bette MacDonald, award-winning actor and comedian

“A spectacularly entertaining and moving story of grief, love, loss, sex and family, this is the essential read of the season. Fans of Doucet’s debut will be delighted that protagonist Rose Ainsworth is back, a character so affable and warm and multi-layered that she is reminiscent of Austen’s greatest leads. Doucet weaves a story so vivid and intrinsically Nova Scotian while dissecting universal themes. She is a true master of her craft.”

James Mullinger, comedian, author, and editor-in-chief, [EDIT] magazine

"As a widowed person, I was deeply moved by Jane Doucet’s novel about a recent widow trying to navigate a new life after a devastating loss. I loved the main character and found her to be so relatable as she finds inner strength, new connections, and a different way of being. Lost & Found in Lunenburg also offers a terrific cast of quirky supporting characters and a fully realized sense of place. A must read for anyone looking for a fun, inspiring story of hope after loss.”

Debbie Weiss, author of Available As Is:
A Midlife Widow’s Search for Love

“Big-hearted, playful and chock-full of truths, Lost & Found in Lunenburg explores midlife love, loss, and second chances with warmth and wit. With a quirky cast and rollicking prose, Doucet reminds us of the healing power of community to help us live and love again.”

Ali Bryan, author of Coq and
The Crow Valley Karaoke Championships

“Fishnets & Fantasies is gutsy, cheeky and full of laughs. Jane Doucet has created characters who are real enough to step out of the pages and join you for a nice glass of pinot noir. As funny and spicy as it is, this story reminds us that we mustn’t presume to know what it is to be a person of a certain age. I’m going to read it again, and I would advise book club members to get your orders in. You’re going to have a ball!”

Bette MacDonald, award-winning actor and comedian

“Want a sassy good time and a great giggle? Make a date with Fishnets & Fantasies!

Lesley Crewe, The Globe and Mail bestselling author of The Spoon Stealer

Fishnets & Fantasies proves old(er) people have sex. It also proves prolific journalist Jane Doucet can write a very funny novel. Peopled with believable characters, hilarious plot points and fun storytelling, it’s meant to transport you not to a sunny California beach, but a wild Atlantic shore.”

Deborah Dundas, Toronto Star

“Jane Doucet’s romp of a novel of later-life love, lust and—most important—love with lust is a delight. Cheeky and charming. Doucet says she first imagined the novel as a screenplay. I see it becoming a successful, long-running TV series.”

Stephen Kimber, bestselling author of
The Sweetness in the Lime

“The spirit of Stephen Leacock meets a colourful pantheon of contemporary Nova Scotia characters simmering in a sexually charged Lunenburg pheromone chowder!”

Ron James, award-winning comedian, actor and author

Praise for Fishnets & Fantasies

“Jane Doucet, you have done it again! Just like your first novel, you have given readers delightful, multi-faceted characters and laugh-out-loud passages that made this reader blush. Fishnets & Fantasies is well paced, funny and full of slapstick comedy.”

Lana Shupe for The Miramichi Reader

“Writing with humour and warmth, Doucet gives us a glimpse into the lives (and bedrooms) of a motley crew of characters and proves that sex and love can be an important part of life at any age.  Irreverent, wise, and more than a bit cheeky, Fishnets & Fantasies is an absolute delight.”

Amy Jones, Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour-shortlisted author of We're All In This Together

“Written with vivid descriptive language, playfulness and humour, Fishnets & Fantasies kept me captivated from beginning to end. This book normalizes healthy sexual adult play and ongoing interest in sex and foreplay. The story is so true to life that I imagine people will travel to Lunenburg hoping to visit the sex shop and feel disappointed when they can’t. I know I will be!”

Sara Dimerman, psychologist and author of Why Married Couples Don't Have Sex

“A baby? Maybe—or maybe not. That’s the big-stakes question that Jane Doucet explores in this smart and funny true-to-life novel about motherhood postponed (maybe indefinitely).”

Ann Douglas, author of
The Mother of All Pregnancy Books

“Jane Doucet has hit the nail on the head and will clip your funny bone along the way with her debut novel. Her entertaining and insightful look at baby fever is a terrific blend of humour and relatability. If you keep hitting snooze on your biological clock, this needs to be your bedside reading!”

Laura Earl, creator of the one-woman comedy show I’m an Army Wife

The Pregnant Pause is a fun, upbeat, entertaining, charming, cleverly worded light read.”

2018 Vivalogue Whistler Independent Book Awards

Praise for The Pregnant Pause

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